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Welcome to the Purely Vanilla webite! Thanks for joining! This server is 100% Vanilla, command block run and is online 24/7. To become a part of the community, create an account. Then you will be able to post on the forums, and be up to date with the server details and news!

Also, in December we are investing a lot of money in advertisement for the server, so expect a huge boom of players! But, we need your help to increase our funding so we can get much more better advertisement (higher slots on advertising websites etc) so we can bring in much more players. We aren't begging you guys, we're just asking for a helping hand, so if you'd like to help contribute towards the growth of this network, please donate! When you donate please be patient for a owner to give you your gear. 




Latest Features

Spawner pack

$1.00 USD

You get 2 spawners for 1 dollar! Amazing sale!!

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Diamond Rank

$10.00 USD

This is a super over powered rank for a great price

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Iron rank

$5.00 USD

With this rank you will get a bundle of ores weapons and armour

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1/2 Server Bill

$12.50 USD

Only one half server bill

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Full server bill

$25.00 USD

You get a set of god gear with a cool colored name

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Advanced Kit

$5.00 USD

Custom Kit For Advanced Players!

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Starter Kit

$2.50 USD

Custom Kit for Starting off Strong!

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